Eucalyptus Globulus Pure Essential Oil

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Aromatic Description: (Minty) Top note. Sharp and piercing, camphorus and woody with a sweet undertone.

Product Details

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus Blue Gum

Main Constituents

1,8 cineole, pinocarveol, globulol

Plant Part Used


Primary Benefits

Expectorant, sinusitis for flu/cold relief, manages oily skin, refreshing and a stimulating.


Diffuse and use as a respiratory remedy. Dilute 2 to 4 drops with 3 drops of base oil and apply on the throat chest and back to relief symptom of flu and cold

Directions for Use

Diffusion: We recommend to blend with other essential oils for diffusion.
Topical application: Dilute 2 to 4 drops with 3 drops of base oil, rub gently on the chest and back


Do not consume orally. Avoid if you have high blood pressure. Not suitable for asthmatics. Avoid during pregnancy. Contraindicated for young children & babies and the elderly.