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Halia was created to represent our roots in Singapore, we have selected plants grown from around Asia such as ylang ylang, lime and ginger lily. Each of these plants have their traditional uses and also bring a captivating sweet aroma that is so refreshing that it works wonders to uplifting your soul. 


Ginger Lily, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver Java, Cedarwood Atlas, Petitgrain, Ginger and Spikenard oil

Directions for use

  • Apply a drop on your palm, rub together then deeply inhale as desire throughout the day
  • Add three to four drop to Epson salt and mix into a warm bath. 
  • Mix three to four drops with a base oil of choice for a relaxing massage
  • Diffuse 5 drops oil in a diffuser for a warming calm feeling.